The Story of Tour Guides in Afghanistan

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Kurdefrin – Who would have thought, there are tourists who make Afghanistan a holiday destination. This is the story of a tour guide who takes holiday tourists in Afghanistan.

Hafizullah Akbar Kohistani (29), that’s the name of this young man. He is undergoing a profession that is not necessarily able to be lived by a young man of his age. Akbar works as a tour guide in a conflict-ridden country, Afghanistan.

Collected Kurdefrin from several sources on Wednesday (02/07/2019), Akbar has undergone a profession as a tour guide for more than 10 years. Initially, Akbar worked for Afghan Logistics and Tours. Until finally Akbar started his own business, Afghanistan Tour Services last year.

There are countless more near-death experiences experienced by Akbar because of his profession. The most frequently experienced is the death threat of extremists (Taliban and ISIS) when Akbar is carrying out his duties.

“Sometimes I receive threats from unknown people. Most of them are not happy because I work with strangers. I have to explain to them, that I do not work for the army, but work for tourists,” Akbar said as written by the Daily Mail.

Often Akbar explained to local Afghans that what he was carrying was a tourist. He also explained why they visited his country. But it seems like the locals think there is no difference between foreigners, soldiers or tourists. For them, all are foreigners.

Once, Akbar was attacked while carrying tourists around a mosque in Herat City, the third largest city in Afghanistan. At that time, Akbar was attacked by 5 men at once.

“One time in Herat, 5 people surrounded me. With very rude language, they said why I brought these non-Muslims here. They tried to slap me,” Akbar said.

Luckily Akbar has been trained to deal with situations like this. As a former Afghan national soldier, Akbar tried to remain calm, patient, invited to speak kindly, then secure guests and take him away as soon as possible from the area.

Akbar said that the Afghan people are actually quite friendly with tourists. Not everyone wants to hurt the guests brought by Akbar. Most importantly, tour guides must know the basic rules that apply there.

“We have to know where we are going. We have a number of restrictions in each province that we visit, which areas can be visited, where we can rest, which areas we should not stop. We have rules, and we ask tourists to comply with this rule for their security, “Akbar stressed.

In order to maintain security as well, Akbar was forced to apply several rules regarding his personal life. Akbar until he has to unfriend or block his family members on Facebook. He doesn’t even want to accept friend requests from Afghans on Facebook.

Although he often gets death threats until his family’s security is also threatened, Akbar says he will not be afraid. Akbar wants to show the real face of his country, Afghanistan to an outside audience.

“I think it has become my responsibility to show the world, the real face of our country. I also want to show that Afghans also want to feel peaceful, prosper and have a better life. We are tired of this situation. We are tired of war, and I want to convey this message through the tourists, “Akbar said.

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